Among the world’s philosophies and religions, the Buddha’s great innovation was the development of a system of practice that investigates conceptual wisdom with the empirical method of single-pointed meditative focus. Calling it “the direct path” to liberation, he taught a comprehensive methodology to probe four misunderstandings that are the root of all human problems. This is the fusion of Shamatha and Vipashyana.

Douglas Veenhof, Buddhist practitioner, teacher and student for more than 20 years, is returning to New York to teach Experiments With Wisdom: The Buddha’s Four Applications of Mindfulness – the empirical science, or Vipashyana, that employs a “contemplative telescope” to attain ultimate experiential wisdom. This is the Buddha’s innovative antidote to the problem-causing misconceptions about the mind and the nature of the world it perceives.

Whether you are just beginning to meditate or are a long-time practitioner looking for the keys to go deeper, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn, ask questions and enrich your practice.